Let’s not call them resolutions


Whenever I’ve made New Years resolutions in the past I’ve only felt restricted by them. They were too intense and unrealistic. You know, ridiculous notions along the lines of “never eat any carbs” or “read every book in the library?” I was tired of failing at them and feeling poorly about myself, so I stopped making them.

But I feel inspired to try my hand at them again because I’ve come to realize something. Resolutions, which are really just goals, shouldn’t be about limiting yourself– they should be about growing yourself. I don’t have to feel guilty if I don’t accomplish them all or if I alter them throughout the year because that’s not the point. Yes, you should strive to complete your resolutions, but what’s more important is making some kind of progress. Big or small.

So here we go. Here’s my list of big and small things I want to practice this year.

1. Live more intentionally. I currently own a lot of clothing that I don’t wear because I either don’t like it anymore or it fits me poorly. I plan to sort through and organize it all and donate some of the things that I’m holding onto out of a sense of obligation instead a genuine desire to keep them. Going forward I hope to make more thoughtful purchases about clothing, shoes and accessories and buy higher quality, longer lasting items that will serve me better than the items I buy simply because they’re on sale. I want to love the things I own and feel like my wardrobe is cohesive.

2. Purge. Lately I feel an overwhelming need to have less stuff. I’ve had to move a lot in the past year and each time I’ve only become more frustrated and felt more weighed down by my belongings. It’s funny, but moving to New York– a city frequently associated with excess– has made me want to live a lot more of a minimalist lifestyle. A lack of space will do that to you, I guess.

3. Take advantage of the fact that I now live in New York City. It’s really easy to come home at the end of a long day of work and spend the rest of the evening in my bedroom or waste away the weekends catching up on sleep and doing errands, but I want to make sure that I explore my surroundings and soak up city life. I don’t know how long I will live here and with so much culture at my fingertips it’s important to do and see as much as I can. Museums.

4. Remove my eye makeup before bed. As silly as it sounds this is something I’ve never done despite the fact that I know I should. I’ve always told myself that because I don’t wear foundation I’m immune from having to take off my makeup before I get into bed for the evening. I’d wash my face but not get my eyes wet. Weird. My motivation for picking up the habit? Not wanting to ruin my new white pillowcases.

5. Be kinder to myself. Often I’m very critical of my intelligence and my appearance. It’s exhausting and unhealthy and I’d like to work on cutting myself some slack.

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