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jan151jan152jan153jan154jan155Despite arctic temperatures, January was filled with activity. Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge. Trying Grimaldi’s pizza. Getting to know coworkers over pickle back shot at the most adorable bar in the East Village. Starting a leisurely Saturday at a favorite spot, Quintessence. And taking in a Broadway show, thanks to a buy one get one ticket promotion.







An unseasonably warm December, filled with holiday preparations, decorations and festivities, mastering the art of making lattes and snuggling with our new baby boxer, Sasja.



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Lately I’ve been enjoying the transition into autumn, my favorite season, and trying to appreciate the fiery beauty of the foliage before the leaves fall to the ground. We filled Columbus Day Weekend with as many fall activities as we could and managed to cross baking homemade apple pie, mulling cider, making caramel apples, taking crisp walks in the woods, collecting leaves, sitting around a fireplace and picking pumpkins off our list. This cute pup named Gadget recently entered our lives and it has been fun to watch him try to figure out life. Things like walking on a leash, sitting on command and eating slowly take a lot of effort for him right now, but he’ll get the hang of it soon. I’ve also taken a few trips into Manhattan as I chase the ever elusive carrot known as employment. Sometimes I forget to look up when I’m walking from destination to destination but I’m never disappointed by the view when I do.